2. from Q&A, by Alexander Missen

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  3. newyorker:

    Take a look at Hans Kristian Riise’s photographs, which are inspired in part by Norwegian paintings from the mid-nineteenth century: http://nyr.kr/Q5cJku

    All Photographs by Hans Kristian Riise

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  4. London, 2014


  5. wvdv:


    print sale spam!

    All prints colour darkroom printed 8x10” signed and dated. $150(AUD) or 100E postage included (pm if you’re interested). Funds raised will go towards purchase of more paper. 

    (the snow forest one is $175 or 120E, same size)

    website / tumblr / flickr


  6. Brent Cross, London, 2014


  7. River Brent, London, 2014


  8. London, 2014


  9. Jahn Ivar, London, 2014


  10. River Brent, London, 2014



  12. The beauty of ideas is that they are like waves in the ocean and they connect with things that came before them, and I think it is very important to embrace things that interest you and influence you, and incorporate them into what you do, as all artists have always done. The ones that say they don’t, are lying. Or are afraid that their work won’t be seen as being original, somehow.

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    Next up for April’s theme ‘Emerging’ is Erik Lovold. Erik is currently in his third and final year on the BA Hons Photography Course at Middlesex University.

    The body of work I have chosen to feature by Erik is called ‘Solitary Flight’. The project centres around the idea most people feel…

    Thanks for the feature, Tom!



  15. A look through my new photobook.